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The Lazy Ad Campaign from Apple

The iPhone 6 launch There’s no denying the sales that have accompanied the release of the iPhone 6. It was destined to commercially succeed as all ...

A new world of in flight safety videos

For me, branding is a conversation that is always much broader than people imagine. Instead of it being relegated to the confines of just logos and we...

YouTube for Kids – You Be the Judge

This year, You Tube launched YouTube for kids as a kid friendly environment for your children to navigate the world of YouTube. Queue the controversy ...

Is Apple a Tech or a fashion company?

The Apple Watch is upon us and it’s certainly creating waves, some good and some bad. One thing is for sure, The folks at Apple are betting big on t...

The World’s Coolest Hotel Lobbies

I love Australia. There are literally so many reasons to love this place. But like many Australians, I’ve had the good fortune to travel, and we lov...

The world’s most sought after camera

Brand is measured by one thing. Perception. Perception drives everything and it is the perception of value that drives the willingness for an individu...

Bringing people to their knees the world over – Tiffany & Co

I guess you could say it came from humble beginnings but the powerhouse that is the Tiffany & Co brand today is anything but humble now. With sale...

The Rise of Apple Retail

This month Apple will launch its new watch and macbook range and it continues to stand as the most valuable brand in the world. The masses will flock ...

And the 2015 Oscar Goes To…Brand Placement

With the 2015 Oscars on our doorstep, the world is talking about movies and enjoying the flurry of releases that come with awards season. With that in...

The Magic of Frozen & Why it’s here to stay

If you think of dessert when I say the word “Frozen", then you’ve either been hibernating for the last 18 months or you have literally avoided any...

The Secret to YouTube’s No.1 Channel

The story Picture this. You’re the Number 1 Brand Channel on You Tube. You’ve worked hard to get here but from today, you don’t need to produ...

How to get $13m on Kickstarter

The premise In the second half of 2014, a campaign was re-launched on Kickstarter (yes that's right, for the second time). It was the "Coolest", a re...