The Best Ads of 2012

Everyone loves to see a good ad but why?

Great advertising appeals to our emotions and motivations first, and then our mind second.  Often it doesn’t even feel like it’s selling anything and that’s what makes it so great.

When we see advertising, we put up barriers.  It’s only natural to mute the adverts during your show or skip the first 20 pages of adverts in your mag. It is great advertising that cuts through these barriers by drawing us in with something compelling.  It may be funny, sad, interesting, inspiring or just weird but understand that it is always designed to move past those barriers.

A great piece of advertising impacts our emotions; it causes a smile; it can alter perception, it provokes us or challenges us. Whether positive or negative, a great ad is just so much fun to see in print or motion. It forces you to think and leaves you curious to discover what it means.

It must first capture interest, and then sell.  Have a think about this next time you see a great ad and find yourself enjoying it.  It’s selling you something…always always selling.

So in the interest of spreading the good, and not the bad advertising around the world, I’ve compiled (so you don’t have to) a series of great ads from the last year (with a couple of vintage pieces for fun).

If you’d like to see the worst I could find, let me know and that’ll be my next blog post.

Enjoy. Always. Coke.





























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  • Lorraine  

    My favourite is the third one (the 4wd in the water).

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