Video on Instagram: What do you think?

We’re now a few weeks into the newest development on Instagram since, well….Instagram. Video has been racing down our Instagram feeds in a bold move for an app who has prided itself on the simplicity of just doing 1 thing and 1 thing well (Photos).  It’s important to remember this company is still only 3 years old this October and with 130 million users per month, any change they make is a big deal.

Competitive nature

So why incorporate video?  Simple really.  Facebook (who now owns Instagram since April 2012) are a competitive bunch and they don’t like losing.  The idea of someone knocking them off their perch just like they did to Myspace haunts them but they’ve decided to channel this nervous energy for good.  The growing popularity of Twitter’s Vine app (which uses video) was enough to get this mob a little twitchy.  Vine had grown in the USA from a 2% iphone market share to 8% in just 4 months and it was time to do something about that.

Video to the rescue

The last thing Facebook and Instagram want are their users (that they’ve fought so hard for) downloading another app like Vine and using this as well.  So in comes the new revolutionary “video” feature on Instagram and for the most part, it seems to be working pretty well.

It’s all about market share folks.  Market share wins in the social media world and Facebookagram is not about to give this up anytime soon.

Brands jump on board quickly

Brands are catching on. Here’s some cool ways Instagram is being used for video: