Open Your Mind

There’s something about a holiday.  But there’s more to it than you think.

By removing ourselves from our predictable routine and being somewhere new, our brain, our body and our health benefit in more ways than 1.

  1. Even if it doesn’t feel like it, studies show even short breaks away reduce stress. Being in a new environment eliminates nagging reminders that trigger stress.
  2. New, fun experiences break monotonous and destructive thought habits you experience from the daily grind. You act and think differently when on holidays and this is good for you.
  3. People who take holidays are healthier in the long term and more satisfied in life.

The box is bad

We get so caught up in our daily routine that our mind is not encouraged to think outside of that box.

When we give our mind and body space to breathe, and a brand new visual environment that it’s not accustomed to, it activates different areas of our brain and, in doing so, triggers new ways of thinking.  This space and clarity is priceless for your mind and we perceive this ‘chemical feeling’ to be ‘inspiration’.  We come back from our holiday feeling fresh and inspired, but in retrospect, we’ve probably been more physically and mentally active than usual.

So what now?

The world is more beautiful than we think, let’s explore it – We’ll be better people for it.

Here are some reminders.

Largest drop waterfalls in the world – Kaieteur Falls

Canola Fields, China


Greek Islands

Pongua Falls, Vietnam



Lake Hillier, Australia



Sahara Desert

Venice, Italy


Tianzi Mountains, China




  • Sally  

    Such nice photos. I really want to travel to so many of these places.

  • Sarah  

    absolutely incredible. the world is naturally so creative! thanks for sharing these images. #inspiring

  • Linda  

    Such an amazing world, so much beauty, how wonderful it would be if everyone on this earth knew only this beauty, this calm and serenity.

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