9 million reasons that ads work

Ads work pharmacie paris viagra.  If just simply for the reason that companies and brands continue to invest more money into them.  They just work.

I came across this Virgin Atlantic ad from 2011 recently and it reminded me of the power of ads in helping consumers develop a perception of a brand.

It’s purpose is in helping move the perception of the brand away from the overtly sexual brand image of the past towards a glamerous and sophisticated James-Bond-esque persona.

Did it work? At $9 million to produce the ad in the height of a post recession recovery and global brand launch, you’d hope so.

“Our objective in producing this TV ad was to bring to life the ‘it’ that makes Virgin Atlantic such a special and unique airline,” said Paul Dickinson, director of sales and marketing at Virgin Atlantic. “We were keen to do that in a highly memorable, eye-catching and amusing way.”

To back it up, Virgin signed a sponsorship deal with the Bond Films to be featured as subtle product placement in the movies.