I know what you’re doing nab, and it’s working

The word

Banks. The very mention of that word can send shivers down a person’s spine. The difficulty with branding a bank is that we as customers all bring our emotionally charged experiences to the party when they try to win us over, and that makes it hard for them.

Another difficulty is that we’ve all seen the standard 21st century ‘bank’ ad and we aren’t fooled by it.  They understand the market and over the past 5 years have invested in to the in-trend values of authenticity, caring and of course relationship instead of transaction. They want us to forget that their the big guys and think of them as ‘friends’. I still get the shiver though.

the nab surprise

And then in walks nab with their latest campaign. What they have done very nicely is disarm us emotionally by allowing us to draw on really positive emotions so different to banking that they surprisingly trump our potential negative emotions – For all you psychology majors out there, wrap your head around that. They get you to engage. I could write an essay on it but there’s really no need – check it out for yourself – it’s done brilliantly.

Disclaimer: I have no comment on nab’s ability to deliver on their promises, nor any bank for that matter. What I do applaud is their ‘no fear’ attitude in trying something so different to what has been done before.

“It’s a fun campaign with a serious message. It shows the contrast in our attitude towards our customers – we are committed to ‘More give, less take’ and to making banking fairer for everyone,” said NAB chief marketing officer Sandra de Castro.