Who wants a piece of the Christmas spending pie?

Australians will spend over $40 billion during Christmas according to Smart Company.

$3b will go to apparel, $17b to food and drink, $7b to household goods, and the list goes on. Needless to say, what Christmas has become is a battle for attention and dollars as the economy recovers and brands compete to help consumers feel the ‘holiday spirit’ and start spending.

Tis’ the season

It’s not surprising then that with Christmas comes an increase in advertising budget, and so it should, I say. If you’re going to get my dollars, you better work hard for it…and work hard they do, often without selling us anything.  Christmas ads are all about being noticed.

This holiday season, have a think about the ads you’re watching. Note how Christmas campaigns appeal to the emotions because Christmas is such an emotional time.  Whether it be humour to disarm you, or appeal to the sense of family, community, giving.  These are all powerfully emotive and at the core of every strategy. Some great campaigns are below for you to check out:


Ads online have been a big push this year:

My personal favourite to start things off



Have you all seen the bear and the hare?


But have you seen the making of the bare and the hare?


Baileys remake the nutcracker


Barneys uses celebrities


And the print ads…


 Merry Christmas everyone.