Soda Stream – The Comeback Kid

It’s back!

It’s truly something special when brands that were once great go quiet for years and then make a comeback.

It intrigues me. I always want to find out what events led to this and what made it work.  Why now? Well that’s exactly what got me thinking about Soda Stream, 2013’s comeback kid.

You may be old enough to remember it’s popularity in the 80’s or you may be young enough to think it’s the cool new thing that has just emerged onto the market.

The truth is, sparkling water is now becoming a market leader, and breaking away from the traditional mineral water space with a product that is different enough and healthy enough to be a true carbonated sugar drink replacement.

As consumers shift their focus from sugar filled carbonated beverages to healthier substitutes, sparkling water continues to win (with over 30% growth in sales in 2012).

How did they do it?

It makes sense then that Soda Stream’s comeback falls in line with this category growth – Check out the Soda Stream reinvention below:


Change the brand


Redesign the machine




Hire a famous celebrity to be your global ambassador



Make the world a better place



Produce some shiny new ads that differentiate you from the competitors















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