Think back to…2009

Well a lot can change in 4 years.

I was inspired by a recent article sent to me entitled “A lot can change in Tech over four years” by Nick Bilton at The New York Times.

The full article is here if you care to read but for those who just want the juicy summary points, read below.

Do you remember way back when it was….2009

It was like a lifetime ago right?
Well not really but the rate of change in the technology space has accelerated dramatically and it’s scary to look back (or forward for that matter).

Here are some highlights to illustrate what I mean.







In 2009, Facebook had some 300 million users.  Today, it has 1.2 billion.








In 2009, we booked hotel rooms and packed cameras when we travelled.
Now we share rooms on Airbnb and just take our smart phone.







Speaking of phones, things have changed so much in this space. A phone is no longer just a phone.

In 2009, Nokia announced that it was the No.1 phone maker for the 13th year in a row.  It’s unlikely that will ever happen again (never say never I suppose).

Apple had only sold 17.3 million iPhones in 2009, compared to 420 million today.

Android accounted for 2.8% of the global smartphone market.  They now command over 80%.

And what happened to Blackberry? It’s now just a prop you remember in movies from the early 2000’s.

In 2009, there was no such thing as an iPad. 200 million units later, and well…you get the picture.







Now to online companies.  Twitter was worth $1 billion in 2009.  Today, its market capitalisation is estimated at $33 billion.

In 2009, you’d not heard of Instagram, Pinterest and SnapChat.  They are now also worth billions of dollars.

Netflix still sent you movies on DVD’s in the mail.  Now you stream them.







When was the last time you installed software using a CD or Disc?  Why back in 2009 of course.  The dark ages!  now you download online or via an app.


Keep up

The truth is, things change fast and the brands that succeed keep up with the rate of change or find a value proposition so timeless that it trumps advancements every time.

*Images courtesy of their respective companies.