World’s coolest CEO offices

The office environment is an important aspect to any workplace.

For a CEO and a leader, it can be a place to think, to meet, to strategise and even to create. If it is then a place to create, then it makes sense to ensure it is “creative” right? Studies have proven that our surroundings impact our ability to think, to problem solve and of course to creatively mastermind. So with that in mind, I thought it would be cool to research the world’s best CEO/ leader-type office spaces.

I try to use my office space as a creative retreat (see below) but I did find recent inspiration (and a little bit of envy) when doing my research I’ll admit.


John Cinquina - CEO Red Meets Blue

Hopefully it inspires you to what may one day be, or to make even a few small changes to your own space, or office to help you create.

Mark Parker - CEO Nike

Yves Saint Laurent

Herb Greenberg - CNBC

Steve Jobs - CEO Apple

Mckinsey Hong Kong - CEO Phone Booth

Tony Hsieh - CEO Zappos

Mark Zuckerberg - CEO Facebook

Arianna Huffington - Huffington Post

Nigella Lawson - Celebrity Cook

Jay Walker - Founder of Priceline

Tina Fey - Comic & Actor

Jerry Bruckheimer - CEO Jerry Bruckheimer Films