Casey Neistat schools us on Snapchat

Who drives trends? We all know who Facebook is but Facebook started out as a trend. It’s not a trend anymore. My personal beliefs on whether Facebook has a future or not won’t be aired in this post but I do find it interesting is when we notice the movement of on-trend towards the next new thing. What I love about Facebook is that they have this habit of attempting to buy the companies that worry them the most (I.e. Instagram). But what happens when a company doesn’t take your crazy $3b offer? Well people start asking ‘What’s this whole Snapchat thing about anyway?”. That’s exactly what happened 1 year ago and sources say Snapchat might now be worth almost $10b with no slowing down.

I could tell you all about it but I really enjoyed the video Casey Neistat put together on the topic (bottom of page). I do enjoy his view of the world through his videos and have followed him for some time. He’s got this ‘voice of the people’ thing going on and it works.


Before we cut to the video though, here’s some facts that may lay the groundwork for why Snapchat is literally taking over the world.

1. Snapchat is 3 years old
2. The CEO is 23 years old
3. Approaching a billion snaps per day
4. 77% of college students use Snapchat daily
5. 70% of users are women, mostly aged 13-25

Queue the video and now you don’t have to ask yourself “What’s this Snapchat thing about anyway?”.