The Secret to YouTube’s No.1 Channel

The story

Picture this. You’re the Number 1 Brand Channel on You Tube. You’ve worked hard to get here but from today, you don’t need to produce any more videos and you’ll remain the Number 1 engaged brand on YouTube. Sound impossible? Well a company called GoPro has achieved it. GoPro as a product has changed the narrative of video making, but as a brand it has built a community of passionate advocates who are driving it’s popularity forward.

“We’re in the business of enabling great content, but we’re taking it to a level that’s never been done before…”
Nick Woodman – Founder and CEO, GoPro.

GoPro commands almost 50% of the US camcorder market with a growth strategy that revolves purely around empowering users to generate their own videos and share them on YouTube. In just the first quarter of 2014, Users uploaded 6,000 Go Pro videos amassing over 1 billion views to create what still remains today the most trending brand on the social media platform.

“We’re a hardware company, but we’re turning more into a content company. The camera is just the tool to get to content… Most people don’t view GoPro as a media company, but we’re quickly changing what media is.”
Adam Dornbusch, head of content distribution, Go Pro

So why is GoPro winning?

1. An extreme focus on their one-thing

GoPro sits in a commanding position compared to most of their competitors as a company who only does one thing. When compared to other players in the space like Sony who have a multi industry product catalogue, GoPro sits so simply next to them as a specialised, quality one-thing kind of company. That sort of focus helps.

2. The power of the people

When a brand can take their hands of the wheel and let the people take over, it takes an incredible amount of trust. What GoPro has tapped into is a tribe of extreme sports enthusiasts, professionals and wannabe’s passionate about being a part of their community and sharing what they’re up to. The brand becomes a statement about who you and what you stand for, and in doing that, users do the content generation on behalf of the brand.

“It’s our customers’ fascinating content that makes the GoPro Channel on YouTube so engaging. There’s no script for the fantastic stories our customers are capturing and sharing every day.”
Nick Woodman – Founder and CEO of GoPro

3. Staying true

When I look at GoPro, there’s no doubt that they have stayed true to who they are. A brand that is all about the people. They have rightly recognised that the people who have become ambassadors for the brand are the real heroes and the real content creators. In 2014, GoPro announced a public offering and here’s the video they used. It’s powerful because of the real-ness of the content.