The Lazy Ad Campaign from Apple

There’s no denying the sales that have accompanied the release of the iPhone 6. It was destined to commercially succeed as all iPhone models do. Apple’s history of innovation has earned them the right to expect extraordinary sales each time a new product comes to market.


The launch Campaign

Having said all that, the advertising campaign that Apple used to launch this latest iteration of their game changing phone felt lazy. See below and judge for yourself.

It’s huge. Really? That’s it? This ad feels like the result of a 2-minute brainstorming meeting and whether intentional or not, it didn’t feel like the innovative Apple we all know and love. I remember seeing the ad for the first time and it left me feeling disappointed. I was interested in the iPhone 6 but I was disengaged with the advert and uninspired by it’s message.



Something changed

What became very obvious soon after the release of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 plus was not the larger screen and thinner body. Those things were certainly nice and the performance was no doubt better but it didn’t feel like the game changing innovation we’d all hoped for. But it was; We just didn’t know it, and Apple hadn’t clearly enough brought it to our attention.

The camera

It was the camera. Sure it has been mentioned but it hadn’t been focused on. Apple soon discovered that consumers were purchasing the iPhone 6 for the camera and they responded with force in what would be one of their most engaging campaigns to date worldwide.

Apple put the iPhone 6 in the hands of creative people and collected the photos and videos these people captured. TV Ads, magazine spreads and of course, large format billboards were all used to showcase these images with just one message. “Shot on iPhone 6”.

Genius. It was simple but it captured our attention. The shots were beautiful. The videos were breathtaking. The iPhone 6’s greatest attribute beyond its sleek exterior and hardware performance was its camera. The camera had become an essential item to every person’s daily schedule and the quality of Apple’s was beyond comparison. The timelapse feature, the slow motion frame rates and the dynamic range helped every day people record masterpieces.

Here’s a snapshot of those ads for your viewing pleasure.

AppleiPhoneAds_03 AppleiPhoneAds_02 AppleiPhoneAds_04 AppleiPhoneAds_05 AppleiPhoneAds_06 AppleiPhoneAds_08 AppleiPhoneAds_01


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What I love about the change we can observe in the market is this noticeable shift in the balance of power from company to consumer. Consumers are driving brands to communicate and engage them more innovatively and brands need to respond in order to succeed.

The success of every brand is not just in the ability to launch campaigns and measure success but in the willingness to listen to the market and understand what they are saying. Those who listen and build their processes to adjust and respond with creativity and impact will succeed.

Apple showed us just why we’ve grown to love them so much and we’ll forgive them for their first iteration of ads because their comeback campaign is absolute genius.