Featured on Inc.Com

Last month, we noticed that Inc.Com had featured me in an article on entrepreneurialism. It was quite a surprise and to be honest a bit of a milestone to even have my words written on a website that has inspired, motivated and educated me during my business journey.

You can check it out here – Enjoy


The excerpt is below:

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Embrace Change

Companies evolve as the people within them change. With a new generation inducted into the workforce, business leaders face unprecedented challenges. Our new team members will have different expectations and this will certainly impact the way we lead them.

I have read articles labeling younger generation workers as “lazy,” but I believe they are actually just motivated and wired differently. With more of them continuing to enter the workforce, possessing a range of specialized skill sets, our ability to lead, empower, and inspire them to action will impact our ability to grow our businesses.

One of the key challenge for future leaders will be articulating the ‘Why’ of their companies and departments. I’ve experienced a significant company redirection and from this, I learned who we are and what we stand for. During that time, we noticed significant increase in engagement from the team and a desire to play a greater role.

Understanding the needs of individuals and providing more flexibility to help them achieve the balance they desire is another challenge. For me, the challenge is not so much in the approach but in restructuring the way we work as a team to allow for those flexibilities to occur without interruption to our output and workflows.

Creating holistic work environments with a focus on energy management and not hours worked can help overcome these challenges. I believe that by focusing on efficiency, work can energize and not drain my team. In turn, this empowers them to do other important things in their lives and gain more work-life satisfaction.

John Cinquina, EO Perth
CEO, Red Meets Blue Design




The story of Inc.com

Inc.com launched in 1979 and has become one of the premier entrepreneurial and startup education resources for the last 36 years.

To celebrate Inc.’s 35th anniversary in 2014, they asked some of the entrepreneurs that had appeared in Inc.’s pages to share thoughts and experiences with learnings. Here they are for you