The World’s Coolest Passport

When it was time for the government of Norway to create a new passport for their country, they turned to an open competition with the objective of creating a unique concept and widely recognisable theme.




What’s the story?

Oslo based agency Neue won that competition last year and the final product is hailed globally as the most beautiful passport in the world. I think you’ll agree.



Why I love it

Norway is a country built on a value for innovative and distinctive design (a value shared by its Sweden & Finland). It seems fitting that for a place so breathtakingly beautiful, they developed a passport to match it. The purpose of design is not just to communicate things beautifully but also to produce a reaction and emotion as people interact with it. Its power grows as it finds way to communicate ideas, cultures, and values.

When I see the Norway passport, I understand who they are, where they’ve come from and what they value as a society. I think it’s nice that something as functional as a passport can be used as an incredible promotional piece for a country. I truly want to visit Norway now that I’ve seen it. I mean even their money is designed with elegance.

Let’s hope the world follows suit and invests thought and process into incredibly beautiful statements about who they are and what they stand for.

NorwayPassport_02 NorwayPassport_03 NorwayPassport_06 NorwayPassport_05 NorwayPassport_04