Everyone talking about Google

There’s nothing like a good ol’ fashioned brand refresh to spark conversation and make you the centre of attention. Especially when you’re one of the largest technology companies in the world (valued at almost half a trillion dollars), commanding over 100 billion searches through your website, every single month.

Yep, we’re talking Google.



Alphabet Inc.

It started last month with the announcement that Google, alongside its many ventures would now sit under a new holding company, Alphabet Inc. It was a statement to many that Google had undertaken long term strategic planning, and that out of that; they’d reached strong resolutions of what the future looked like, leading to a structural change. Change is often exciting to watch because there’s an intentionality to it that can only come from focus and clarity on what you envisage the future to look like. This seems to be the case from Google, no longer a random assortment of projects but a forward thinking and focused investment empire.



A new logo

Just one month later, Google rebranded its well-known logo and intentionality seemed to be the theme. All in all, I like the shift in aesthetic, and that’s exactly what it is; A shift. They did just enough to not turn people away. It’s important to consider that with 100 billion searches coming through Google every month, a drastic change would no doubt have caused discomfort for many. The biggest change is the introduction of the new “G” which is really the hero of the brand.




The question to ask

It does spark a question though. “Why do companies rebrand?” There are many answers to this question but more often than not, brands come to the realisation that they way they project themselves no longer aligns with the direction of the company, and for Google, it was likely a natural step for them to take when they laid everything out on the table. The fact that they had the conversation is almost more important than the rebrand itself, because it tells us they have a defined vision of what the future looks like.

The world had gotten so used to the Google logo that they’d forgotten how terrible it really was. In recent years, Google has now become a design company with that well known flat colour aesthetic that has led the way for many design trends (even Apple have followed suit).

The refreshed Google brand reminds us of the Google we’ve all come to know but feels cleaner, friendlier and with more legs. A great brand is scalable, in that you can do more with it. That’s the case for Google now. It’ll be interesting to watch that space and see where it goes. Personally I think the “G” is what they’ll become most known for moving forward.









What do you think?

As always, you be the judge of the Google brand refresh.