To assist with the requests I receive to speak, I’ve compiled four presentations that I am delivering for 2015 relating to branding and business.


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Authenticity 101 – The Future of Branding

Finding an authentic voice for your brand that can cut through the noise in a market full of distractions.
Outcome: A pathway and methodology to finding your brand voice.


Auditing Your Brand – An interactive Workshop

Complete with hand-out, an interactive workshop to audit your own brand and understand its strengths and weaknesses.
Outcome: A clear understanding of where you’re brand is and isn’t performing and where to focus on improving it.


Trends – A delivery on the latest in the world of branding and marketing

Insight and learnings from existing trends and success stories around the world right now.
Outcome: Practical insights and tips on how to take your brand to the next level from current trends.


Brand Management – A framework to manage brands elegantly

An easy to use framework to consistently create and manage every aspect of your brand, marketing and communication.
Outcome: A methodology to apply to the management of your brand and marketing right now.