The Book

In 2014, on the back of a number of international awards, I wrote the book “Build Great Brands” as a practical guide to get the most out of your brand. In 2015, we released a second edition with a bonus chapter which is now available on Amazon and Kindle.



The synopsis is below:

Great companies have great brands. In fact, the two go hand in hand. Build Great Brands is a book dedicated to helping the multitude of organisations and businesses in search of greatness and explosive growth by helping you unlock the power of brand. Brands don’t just happen. They must be intentionally, authentically and practically built from the inside out. Build Great Brands is the perfect DIY manual to get you and your business started.

In the revised second edition, John furthers the conversation around great brands with a bonus chapter on Brand Management to answer the question of “what happens next once I’ve set up a great brand?” Build Great Brands was released in 2014 to positive reviews around the world, now in its second expanded edition written for business leaders and marketing professionals alike to introduce us all to the power that great brands have to drive business performance.

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